Before reviewing this ‘peaceful’ and ‘positive’ flash game take a look on the controls of the game below:

controls of the game

Okay now you know which buttons you need to use in order to control the game, let’s talk about hacked version of Happy Wheels and why it is different from the original version of the game. Well, first of all, this version of the game comes as a demo in fact, but with little bit of changes. In hacked game you are actually immortal and no matter what kind of injuries your character receives he won’t lose any body parts and he won’t die no matter what, your only concern should be not to get stuck in different obstacles, if you will get stuck your only option will be to restart the game and start all over again.

happy wheels hackedAs you can see there are lots of benefits from Happy Wheels Hacked, unlike original game here you can make mistakes all day long, jump on different explosives, on different spikes and things like that and your character won’t die and you will be able to continue playing (keep in mind getting stuck means auto lose and restart of the level).

I have said it many times before and I will repeat this again, I know playing with hacked version of the game is lot easier for you, but in order to fully experience depth of this unique, dark humor, ragdoll engine flash game I highly suggest you to play full version. Another good argument for playing full version is that it contains all characters, it contains all levels including user made popular maps and it has all the latest updates and bug fixes.

But who am I to judge you? If you want to play hacked version so be it, choice is yours.

Hope you will find Happy Wheels Hacked entertaining and enjoyable, I personally admire this game and play it all the time when I have free time.

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